stars on a dark sky

Everything is an Illusion. I am raised with this vision. As a result, I had nothing to do with reality as we experience it. It's only by wearing a mask that you get to know yourself. I like to play with this duality concentrated in stills and moving images that capture the sign of times. Focused on the energy people radiate with their personal aesthetic. From a distance, I carefully imagined every element of the uncertain subject desire is. Ungraspable. And lost at the moment of achieving. The repetition in my work makes this a mysterious and intimate lapse of time study from an estranged dad’s-eye perspective. With an underlying menace that whispers a simple yet crucial note; Earthly life flashes by in a dreamlike instant. In photographs captured with such childlike wonder I invite people to travel with me. Defending on my own boyhood in search of lost time. With the craftsmanship of obsession, translated into visuals that feel like coming home.

Luc Cornelis Joannes Karsten, born in 1994 in Hoorn, The Netherlands.
 Studying photography at KABK, the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Contact him via e–mail or follow him on Instagram.